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March 12, 2008



It is starting to get cold outside in the Northern states, riding your motorcycle is a little more of a task then it was in the past summer months, now you have to bundle up and ensure you have the proper gear for the weather. Helmets, while should be worn all year round, become more popular in the colder months as they protect our faces from the bitterly cold winds that used to be warm rays of sunshine. This fall and in to early winter for the die hards who can not garage that beautiful bike may want to dress up their motorcycle helmets with some bling and maybe even a Mohawk. Helmet hair has become pretty popular, there are some bikers who wear it faithfully and sport it as if it were their own doo. The affordable and fun helmet hair and helmet patches can make your helmet more colorful, get you more attention, and even match your personality. So don’t put away the bike yet, grab that helmet to protect your face and slap on a bright blue Mohawk to that old helmet and make it look like new. You can get helmet hair to match your bike, your gear, or just find one that matches your style.

Mac @ Motorcycle Fairing

No better way to say it agirlwithacomputer!!

Motorcycle Accessories

This is an amazing photograph of Indian army on just one motorcycle.I am surprised that it is the most viewed photograph.I have seen it first time.

kids sport sandals

I can understand why this photo is your most viewed, this is a great photo! The structures on the motorcycles are fabulous, i counted nine figures on each bike, am I right? Thanks sharing that with us man.

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